❤️ Dogs are our friends, our family and we want to celebrate their cute little faces and big hearts ❤️

Hello, my name is Anna and I am the founder of Pug Doggy Dog, a carefully curated collection of dog related fashion, homeware and gifts for anyone who loves dogs as well as pups themselves.
I designed the Puggy character in a small London studio to bring smile upon your face. Sometimes funny and sometimes cute, the prints used on Pug Doggy Dog products are created in-house from sketch to final print file. These are not mass produced items so you can be sure you will be getting an authentic and original product.

Personally, I am a happy auntie to two little rebels, Indy and Didi in Canada as well as Bentley and Mylo in UK. I believe that there’s always a dog to pet somewhere!

I'm a fashion designer by trade and for years have been creating fabulous collections of shoes and accessories for British and international brands. Who knows, maybe you even have one of my designs in your closet already :)

Hope you will enjoy the characters I have created and that they will spark joy!