What dog breed is Scooby Doo?

Scooby doo drawing

He might be a beloved cartoon character, connoisseur of Scooby Snacks and dog detective solving supernatural mysteries with his ‘Mystery Inc.’ friends, but did you ever wonder what breed is Scooby Doo? Created in the late 60’s by Hanna-Barbera Productions, Scooby Doo is is lovable if slightly cowardly Great Dane.Snoopy drawingAnd how about the endearing daydreamer Snoopy? Created in the 50’s, hero of the comic strip ‘Peanuts’ and pet dog of Charlie Brown is a Beagle. He shows a lot of human-like behaviours and emotions which makes him relatable to readers of all ages.
Pluto dog drawingDisney also gave us extremely popular dog characters many of which have anthropomorphic features, I.e. Goofy, who walks and talks like a human. Pluto is different, this friendly pet dog is forever loyal to his owner Mickey. He is a mixed-breed dog, often referred to as a “mutt.”
Droopy dog drawingDroopy, on the other hand, does walk on two legs and talks, but most of all shows truly human traits like dry humour and cool-headed approach to all situations. He’s famously slow with lethargic demeanour and yet always manages to outwit his opponents. This Basset Hund was hero of short films, tv shows, comic books and even had a guest appearance in Hollywood hit ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit”
Odie dog drawingOdie might not be the main character in ‘Garfield’ comic strip but he definitely stole many hearts with his playful nature and affection for those around him. Often teased by Garfield, this long-eared yellow dog is a Beagle.
Brian Griffin white dog drawingNot many fictional dogs have surnames, but Brian Griffin is not your usual dog. A well-read aspiring novelist, actor and martini-drinker, Brian is often the voice of reason in the manic Griffin family of ‘Family Guy.’ Known for his intelligence and sense of humour he’s often teased by the family to be a ‘mutt’ but Brian is most likely a white Labrador Retriever.
Bluey cartoon dog drawingThe only girl in the list, Bluey, a Blue Heeler puppy, lives in Brisbane, Australia, with her family who are dogs of different breeds. She’s known for her high energy and curiosity which leads her on various adventures, often including imaginative play. Educational value of the series makes ‘Bluey’ children and parent’s favourite.

Which is your favourite dog character?