Surviving New Year's Eve

Loud unexpected noises and flashes of light might be exciting way for humans to celebrate New Year, but for your dog they can be stressful or even terrifying. To make sure they don’t have the worst time when everyone is celebrating it’s good to:

1. Adjust the schedule - change the times of walks and feeding before the biggest firework displays to avoid having to go out when it’s the loudest outside

2. Make sure the dog is microchipped, just in case you need to go out in the evening

3. Prepare a safe zone for them in the house - soft cuddly blanket and a fluffy toy will make them feel more secure. You can even build a small fort to hide in!

4. Close all the windows and draw the curtains to minimise the noise and flashing lights

5. Use TV or radio to create white noise and distract from the fireworks explosions - keep volume on your tv or radio at normal level to dilute outside noises. This way they won’t appear to be too sudden or loud for your dog

6. Keep them busy with long-lasting chew or sniffing mat - a delicious treat or game can distract your dog from loud bangs outside. Focusing on getting treats out of the snuffle mat will help take their minds of the celebrations outside.

7. Dress them in anxiety vest or try a half-wrap with a scarf - it will provide a gentle hugging effect to reduce stress during fireworks display. When wrapping make sure you don’t tie it too tight to keep a healthy blood flow and not restrain your dog’s breathing. It’s best to use a soft and stretchy knitted scarf. Don’t use for too long as dog will get used to it and wrap will be less effective. If your dog wants to take it off, take it off.

comfort half-wrap for dog

8. Try TTouch to comfort your dog - stroke their ears and head to calm any anxieties

ttouch massage for dog ears

If you tried these methods before and your dog is still scared during fireworks display contact your vet to they some medicines calming anxiety.